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Vol 1, No 2: December 2013 Harry Stobbs Memorial Lecture: Can grazing behavior support innovations in grassland management? Abstract   PDF
Paulo César de Faccio Carvalho
Vol 2, No 2: June 2014 Harvest frequency affects herbage accumulation and nutritive value of brachiaria grass hybrids in Florida Abstract   PDF
João M.B. Vendramini, Lynn E. Sollenberger, André B. Soares, Wilton L. da Silva, João M.D. Sanchez, Andre L. Valente, André D. Aguiar, Mary K. Mullenix
Vol 9, No 1 (2021): January 2021 Height and mowing of pasture at the end of winter modulate the tillering of Marandu palisadegrass in spring Abstract   PDF
Bruno Humberto Rezende Carvalho, Lilian Elgalise Techio Pereira, André Fischer Sbrissia, Gabriel de Oliveira Rocha, Manoel Eduardo Rozalino Santos
Vol 7, No 5: November 2019 Herbaceous plant species diversity in communal agro-pastoral and conservation areas in western Serengeti, Tanzania Abstract   PDF
Pius Yoram Kavana, Anthony Z. Sangeda, Ephraim J. Mtengeti, Christopher Mahonge, John Bukombe, Robert Fyumagwa, Stephen Nindi
Vol 2, No 1: March 2014 Herbage accumulation and animal performance on Xaraés palisade grass subjected to intensities of continuous stocking management Details   PDF
A. Hernández-Garay, V.P.B. Euclides, S.C. da Silva, D.B. Montagner, N.N. Nantes, D. Nascimento Jr., C.O. Soares
Vol 1, No 1: September 2013 Herbage accumulation, nutritive value and persistence of Mulato II in Florida Details   PDF
Joao M.B Vendramini, Lynn E. Sollenberger, Graham C. Lamb, Maria L. Silveira
Vol 2, No 1: March 2014 Herbage intake, methane emissions and animal performance of steers grazing dwarf elephant grass with or without access to Arachis pintoi pastures Details   PDF
Ederson A. de Andrade, Henrique M.N. Ribeiro-Filho, Diego M. de Liz, João G.R. Almeida, Marcolino F. Miguel, Gutierri T. Raupp, Fabiana R. Ramos, Edison X. Almeida
Vol 8, No 3 (2020): September 2020 Herbage yield and quality of Megathyrsus cultivars in Northeast Thailand Abstract   PDF
Michael D. Hare
Vol 9, No 1 (2021): January 2021 How does agro-pastoralism affect forage and soil properties in western Serengeti, Tanzania? Abstract   PDF
Pius Yoram Kavana, Ephraim J. Mtengeti, Anthony Sangeda, Christopher Mahonge, Robert Fyumagwa, Bukombe John
Vol 6, No 3: September 2018 How does seed size of Arachis pintoi affect establishment, top-growth and seed production? Abstract   PDF   eBook
Giselle M.L. de Assis, Daniela P. Miqueloni, Hellen S.F.S. Azêvedo, Judson F. Valentim
Vol 8, No 3 (2020): September 2020 How does the sward condition in late winter influence the Marandu palisade grass (Urochloa brizantha cv. Marandu) structure during spring and summer? Abstract   PDF
Manoel E.R. Santos, Bruno H.R. Carvalho, Flávia O.S. van Cleef, Gabriel O. Rocha, Henrique C.R. Nogueira, Gustavo S. Borges
Vol 9, No 1 (2021): January 2021 Hybrids of Paspalum plicatulum × P. guenoarum: Selection for forage yield and cold tolerance in a subtropical environment Abstract   PDF
Karla M. Saraiva, Miguel Dall'Agnol, Eder A.M. da Motta, Emerson A. Pereira, Cleber H.L. de Souza, Carine Simioni, Roberto L. Weiler, Maurício M. Kopp, Raquel Schneider-Canny, Marlon R. Barbosa
Vol 8, No 3 (2020): September 2020 Identification and characterization of lactic acid bacteria associated with tropical grass silage produced in Okinawa Abstract   PDF
Takashi Hanagasaki
Vol 1, No 2: December 2013 Identifying and addressing sustainable pasture and grazing management options for a major economic sector – the north Australian beef industry Abstract   PDF
Neil D. MacLeod, Joe C. Scanlan, Lester I. Pahl, Giselle L. Whish, Robyn A. Cowley
Vol 1, No 2: December 2013 Impact of tropical forage seed development in villages in Thailand and Laos: Research to village farmer production to seed export Abstract   PDF
Michael D. Hare, Suphaphan Phengphet, Theerachai Songsiri, Naddakorn Sutin, Edward S.F. Vernon, Eduardo Stern
Vol 2, No 1: March 2014 Impacts of projected climate change on pasture growth and safe carrying capacities for 3 extensive grazing land regions in northern Australia Details   PDF
Giselle L. Whish, Robyn A. Cowley, Lester I. Pahl, Joe C. Scanlan, Neil D. MacLeod
Vol 7, No 5: November 2019 Improvement of plant regeneration and Agrobacterium-mediated genetic transformation of Stylosanthes guianensis Abstract   PDF
Pengfei Guo, Pandao Liu, Jian Lei, Caihong Chen, Hong Qiu, Guodao Liu, Zhijian Chen, Lijuan Luo
Vol 1, No 2: December 2013 Improving smallholder livelihoods: Dairy production in Tanzania Abstract   PDF
Edward Ulicky, Jackson Magoma, Helen Usiri, Amanda Edward
Vol 8, No 2: May 2020 In vitro digestion characteristics of various combinations of elephant grass hay, gliricidia hay or silage, soybean meal and corn meal in rations for sheep Abstract   PDF
Juliana Caroline Santos Santana, Jucileia Aparecida da Silva Morais, Gelson dos Santos Difante, Luís Carlos Vinhas Ítavo, Antonio Leandro Chaves Gurgel, Vinicius da Silva Oliveira, Maria Juciara Silva Teles Rodrigues
Vol 7, No 2: Special Issue ILC2018 No. 1 - May 2019 Incorporating leucaena into goat production systems Abstract   PDF
Frances C. Cowley, Romana Roschinsky
Vol 7, No 4: Special Issue ILC2018 No. 2 - September 2019 Ingelara Grazing: Leucaena in speargrass country, Queensland, Australia Abstract   PDF
Stuart Ogg, Sheree Ogg
Vol 2, No 1: March 2014 Intake rate and nutritive value of elephant grass cv. Napier subjected to strategies of rotational stocking management Details   PDF
Eliana V. Geremia, Lilian E.T. Pereira, Adenilson J. Paiva, Laiz P. Oliveira, Sila C. da Silva
Vol 1, No 2: December 2013 Integrated crop-livestock systems − a key to sustainable intensification in Africa Abstract   PDF
A.J. Duncan, S.A. Tarawali, P.J. Thorne, D. Valbuena, K. Descheemaeker, S. Homann-Kee Tui
Vol 7, No 4: Special Issue ILC2018 No. 2 - September 2019 Intensive silvopastoral systems with Leucaena leucocephala in Latin America Abstract   PDF
Julián Chará, Julián Rivera, Rolando Barahona, Enrique Murgueitio, Zoraida Calle, Carolina Giraldo
Vol 7, No 4: Special Issue ILC2018 No. 2 - September 2019 International Leucaena Conference 2018: Highlights and priorities Abstract   PDF
H. Max Shelton
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