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Vol 1, No 1: September 2013 Survey of pasture species and management, manure management, milk production and reproduction on pasture-based dairy farms in Florida and Georgia Details   PDF
F. Du, K.D. Gay, M.E. Sowerby, Y.C. Newman, C.R. Staples, R.C. Lacy, A. de Vries
Vol 5, No 1: January 2017 Survival strategies of Centrosema molle and C. macrocarpum in response to drought Abstract   PDF
Orlando Guenni, Eva Romero, Yajaira Guédez, Mercedes P. Macías, Diógenes Infante
Vol 1, No 1: September 2013 Sward structural characteristics of perennial peanut genotypes as affected by harvest frequency Details   PDF
Aliedson S. Ferreira, Carlos G. Pedreira, Carla M. Marassatto
Vol 1, No 2: December 2013 Systematic management of stocking rates improves performance of northern Australian cattle properties in a variable climate Abstract   PDF
Lester I. Pahl, Joe C. Scanlan, Giselle L. Whish, Robyn A. Cowley, Neil D. MacLeod
Vol 7, No 4: Special Issue ILC2018 No. 2 - September 2019 Tarramba leucaena: A success story for smallholder bull fattening in eastern Indonesia Abstract   PDF
Jacob Nulik, Debora Kana Hau, Michael J. Halliday, H. Max Shelton
Vol 1, No 2: December 2013 Technical challenges in evaluating southern China’s forage germplasm resources Abstract   PDF
Bai Changjun, Liu Guodao, Zhang Yu, Yu Daogeng, Yan Linling
Vol 5, No 3: September 2017 Temporal differences in plant growth and root exudation of two Brachiaria grasses in response to low phosphorus supply Abstract   PDF   eBook
Anna E. Louw-Gaume, Noel Schweizer, Idupulapati M. Rao, Alain J. Gaume, Emmanuel Frossard
Vol 8, No 3 (2020): September 2020 Terra Ronca State Park: A potential natural Cratylia argentea (Desv.) Kuntze conservation area in Goiás, Brazil Abstract   PDF
Eduardo Pacca Luna Mattar, Walter José Rodrigues Matrangolo, Bruno Portela Brasileiro, Elizio Ferreira Frade Junior, Thais Aguiar de Albuquerque, João Ricardo de Oliveira, Juliana de Paula-Souza, Denise Cunha Fernandes dos Santos Dias
Vol 2, No 1: March 2014 The effect of Leucaena leucocephala on beef production and its toxicity in the Chaco Region of Argentina Details   PDF
Alejandro Radrizzani, José A. Nasca
Vol 8, No 2: May 2020 The effect of stage of regrowth on the physical composition and nutritive value of the various vertical strata of kikuyu (Cenchrus clandestinus) pastures Abstract   PDF
Marcelo A. Benvenutti, Craig Findsen, Jean V. Savian, David G. Mayer, David G. Barber
Vol 8, No 2: May 2020 The effects of bovine urine application on two soil nitrogen compounds and growth of three forage grasses in the Colombian Piedmont plains Abstract   PDF
Jaime E. Garzón, Oscar Pardo, Edgar A. Cárdenas
Vol 2, No 1: March 2014 The efficacy of in vitro Synergistes jonesii inoculum in preventing DHP toxicity in steers fed leucaena-grass diets Details   PDF
Michael J. Halliday, Hayley E. Giles, Scott A. Dalzell, Chris S. McSweeney, H. Max Shelton
Vol 2, No 1: March 2014 The emergence and survival of Digitaria eriantha and Chloris gayana seedlings on mine tailings planted with coated and non-coated seed Details   PDF
Leana Nel, Wayne F. Truter, Piet van Deventer, Klaus Kellner
Vol 7, No 2: Special Issue ILC2018 No. 1 - May 2019 The evolutionary history of Leucaena: Recent research, new genomic resources and future directions Abstract   PDF
Alexander Abair, Colin E. Hughes, C. Donovan Bailey
Vol 2, No 1: March 2014 The growth response of tropical and subtropical forage species to increasing salinity Details   PDF
Hayley E. Giles, Christopher Lambrides, Scott A. Dalzell, David C. Macfarlane, H. Max Shelton
Vol 7, No 4: Special Issue ILC2018 No. 2 - September 2019 The inclusion of Leucaena diversifolia in a Colombian beef cattle production system: An economic perspective Abstract   PDF
Karen Enciso, Mauricio Sotelo, Michael Peters, Stefan Burkart
Vol 7, No 4: Special Issue ILC2018 No. 2 - September 2019 The Leucaena Network and The Leucaena Code of Practice Abstract   PDF
Bron Christensen
Vol 2, No 2: June 2014 The rise and fall of Siratro (Macroptilium atropurpureum) − what went wrong and some implications for legume breeding, evaluation and management Abstract   PDF
Richard M. Jones
Vol 2, No 1: March 2014 Tiller population stability of Aruana guinea grass subjected to different cutting severities and fertilized with nitrogen Details   PDF
Alessandra A. Giacomini, Karina Batista, Maria T. Colozza, Waldssimiler T. Mattos, Luciana Gerdes, Ivani P. Otsuk, Joaquim C. Werner
Vol 4, No 2: May 2016 Tillering of Marandu palisadegrass maintained at fixed or variable heights throughout the year Abstract   PDF
Denis D. Pessoa, Róger C. Cardoso, Manoel E.R. Santos, Bruno H.R. Carvalho, Guilherme P. Silva, Natascha A.M. Silva
Vol 2, No 3: September 2014 Tolerance of herbaceous summer legumes of temporary waterlogging Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Elsa M. Ciotti, María E. Castelán, Claudina M. Hack, Miriam Porta, Ana M. González
Vol 2, No 1: March 2014 Total accumulative losses during the fermentation of Pioneiro grass (Pennisetum purpureum) silages with addition of whole plant maize and maize grain Details   PDF
Cassiano L.B. Pasa, Lucas Leffers Neto, Tiago M. Santos, José A. Freitas, Kátia F. Gobbi, Américo F. Garcez Neto
Vol 6, No 1: January 2018 Tropical forage legumes for environmental benefits: An overview Abstract   PDF   eBook
Rainer Schultze-Kraft, Idupulapati M. Rao, Michael Peters, Robert J. Clements, Changjun Bai, Guodao Liu
Vol 5, No 2: May 2017 Tropical forage legumes: Harnessing the potential of Desmanthus and other genera for heavy clay soils Abstract   PDF   eBook
Bruce G. Cook
Vol 1, No 1: September 2013 Tropical grass growth functions modeling by using a non-linear mixed model Details   PDF
A. Hernández Garay, H. Vaquera Huerta, M. Calzada Marín, E. Ortega Jiménez, J.F. Enríquez Quiroz
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