Pasto Certo® version 2.0 - An application about Brazilian tropical forage cultivars for mobile and desktop devices

Sanzio Carvalho Lima Barrios, Camilo Carromeu, Márcio Aparecido Inácio da Silva, Edson Takashi Matsubara, Cacilda Borges do Valle, Liana Jank, Mateus Figueiredo Santos, Giselle Mariano Lessa de Assis, Leonardo Lazarino Crivellaro, Thallyson Danchen Teixeira Gonçalves, José Marcos Queiroz Júnior, Anderson Ramires Candido, Wyverson Kim Rocha Machado, Beatriz Tomé Gouveia, Alana Aparecida Amarilha Nobre, Ayhan Liell Zanella


A brief outline of the second version of Pasto Certo®, released by Embrapa and partners in February 2019, is presented. It is an improved and updated version of Pasto Certo® 1.0, an application that describes Brazilian commercial tropical forage cultivars. The application helps the user to identify and differentiate cultivars, provides recommendations and information on use restrictions of each cultivar, and compares different cultivars in terms of a number of characteristics. In comparison with the first version (published in 2017), new features of Pasto Certo® 2.0 are: (1) 7 cultivars of forage legumes (genera Arachis, Cajanus and Stylosanthes) were added to the original 16 grass cultivars (Urochloa spp. and Megathyrsus maximus); (2) the user can choose between Portuguese, Spanish and English languages; (3) information on commercial seed sources in Brazil is included; (4) a guide to selecting the most suitable cultivar for specific conditions is provided; and (5) the application is available for different platforms (Android, iOS and WEB -

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