Genetic Resources Communications

Tropical Grasslands-Forrajes Tropicales follows the publication series of the Australian CSIRO Tropical Agriculture Genetic Resources Communication (ISSN 0159-6071) published during 1980‒2000. By kind permission of CSIRO, the issues that deal with (sub)tropical forages can be accessed below.

No. 1, 1980
An evaluation of a collection of Clitoria Ternatea for forage and grain production
R. Reid and D.F. Sinclair

No. 2, 1981
A catalogue of the Vigna radiata and V. mungo germplasm collections of the Division of Tropical Crops and Pastures, CSIRO
B.C. Imrie, D.F. Beech, D. Blogg, B. Thomas

No. 4, 1983
Preliminary evaluation of accessions of Centrosema virginianum in sub-humid south-east Queensland
R.J. Clements

No. 5, 1984
The CB Rhizobium strain catalogue
R.A. Date, H.V.A. Bushby, R.B. Panitz

No. 6, 1984
Supplement to "Rhizobium screening of Stylosanthes for effectiveness in nitrogen fixation [Date and Norris (1979) Aust.J.Agric.Res. 30,85-104]" lists of host accessions and Strains of Rhizobium forming effective and highly effective associations
R.A. Date and the late D.O. Norris

No. 7, 1984
Rhizobium screening for a range of crop and pasture legumes: Lists of strains of Rhizobium and host legumes forming effective nitrogen fixing associations
H.V.A Bushby, R.A. Date, the late D.O. Norris and R.B. Panitz

No. 8, 1985
Phenology, plant and seed characteristicas of a collection of soybeans (Glycine max) grown during the wet season in tropical Australia
D.F. Beech, A.L. Garside and I.M. Wood

No. 9, 1984
Glasshouse screening of species of Stylosanthes for resistance to anthracnose diseases
D.F. Cameron, R.G. O'Brien and J.A.G. Irwin

No. 10, 1986
The palatability, feeding value and apparent toxicity of 150 legume species fed to rats
R.W. Strickland, L.J. Lambourne and D. Ratcliff

No. 12, 1988
Germplasm collection and preliminary evaluation of Desmodium ovalifolium Vall.
R. Schultze-Kraft and G. Benavides

No. 13,1989
Classification of a diverse collection of Rhynchosia and some allied species
The Late W.A.T. Harding, B.C. Pengelly, D.G. Cameron, L. Pedley and R.J. Williams

No. 14, 1992
Morphological and agronomic attributes of a collection of buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris) and related species
D.A. Eagles, J.B. Hacker, and B.C. Pengelly

No. 15, 1992
Preliminary agronomic evaluation of a Stylosanthes viscosa Sw. collection
G. Keller-Grein and R. Schultze-Kraft

No. 16, 1993
The CB Rhizobium/Bradyrhizobium strain collection
R.A. Date and R.W. Williams
(This GRC replaces and updates GRC No. 5, 1984)

No. 17, 1993
Screening crop and pasture legumes for effective nitrogen fixing associations: list of host legumes and strains of root-nodule bacteria fonning effective nitrogen fixing associations
R.A.Date, R.W. Williams, and H.V.A. Bushby
(This GRC replaces and updates GRC Nos. 6&7, 1984)

No. 18, 1993
Trifolium species on the New South Wales north coast: 1. European and Mediterranean species
G.P.M. Wilson1 and A.M. Bowman

No. 19, 1993
Trifolium species on the New South Wales north coast: 2. African species
G.P.M. Wilson and A.M. Bowman

No. 20, 1993
Diversity and forage potential of some Macroptilium species
B.C. Pengelly and D.A. Eagles

No. 21, 1995
Performance of Forages Introduced into Kalimantan, Indonesia, by the South-East Asian Forage Seeds Project
A.G. Cameron, T.A. Gibson, Ibrahim, H. Winarno, A. Hariadi and Supriyadi

No. 22, 1996
A characterisation study of the genus Vigna with regard to potential as forage
J.B. Hacker, R.J. Williams and B.C. Pengelly

No. 23, 1996
The pek savannas of the Lao People's Democratic Republic - ecology and floristics
J.B.Hacker, B.K. Simon and Vanthong Phengvichith

No. 24, 1996
Morphological and agronomic attributes of a col lection of the genus Teramnus
D.A. Eagles and B.C. Pengelly

No. 25, 1997
An evaluation of seventy-one accessions of Centrosema pascuorum at Katherine, Northern Australia
C.J. Thomson, R.J. Clements and R. Schultze-Kraft

No. 26, 1996
Variation in growth and forage quality of Glycine latifolia (Benth.) Newell & Hymowitz
R.M. Jones, A.H.D. Brown and J.N. Coote

No. 27, 1997
Variation in collections of Bothriochloa pertusa and B. insculpta
B.C. Pengelly, L.B. Staples and W.J. Scattini

No. 28, 1998
A guide to the grasses of Xieng Khouang Province, Lao PDR and some notes on ecology of grazing lands in the province
J.B. Hacker, V. Phimphachanhvongsod, S. Novaha, P. Kordnavong J. Veldkamp and B.K. Simon

No. 29, 1999
Agronomic variation in a collection of perennial Urochloa spp. and its relationship to site of collection
B.C. Pengelly and D.A. Eagles

No. 30, 1999
The CB Rhizohium/Bradyrhizobium strain collection
D.A. Eagles and RA Date
(This GRC replaces and updates GRCs Nos 5, 6, 7, 16 and 17)

No. 31, 1999
Evaluation of introduced grasses and legumes for potential as sown forage at Narayen Research Station, subcoastal southeast Queensland, 1970-80
R.W. Strickland, R.G. Greenfield and D. Ratcliff

No. 32, 1999
An evaluation of a collection of Paspalum species as pasture plants for southeast Queensland
J.B. Hacker, R.J. Williams, A.M. Vieritz, B.G. Cook and B.C. Pengelly

No. 34, 1999
A guide to the grasses of grazing lands in Central Vietnam and some notes on their ecology
J.B. Hacker, Tnidng Tan Khanh and J. Veldkamp

No. 35, 2000
Preliminary evaluation of exotic grasses and legumes for forage potential in South-West Queensland
R.W. Strickland, R.G. Greenfield and J.B. Hacker