Leucaena shows potential in Northern Inland New South Wales, Australia

Carol Harris, Suzanne Boschma, Mark Brennan, Lauren Borg, Steven Harden, Brian Cullis


Keynote paper presented at the International Leucaena Conference, 1‒3 November 2018, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

A study was conducted during 2013–2017 to evaluate the potential of 5 cultivars/experimental lines of leucaena (Leucaena leucocephala) at 2 sites in Northern Inland NSW. In this frost-prone, summer-dominant rainfall region, all cultivars/lines established well and survival was >70% at Bingara and >95% at Manilla. Cultivars Wondergraze and Cunningham were the most productive, producing up to approximately 2.4 t DM/ha y 1.9 t DM/ha per growing season at Bingara and Manilla, respectively. Tropical grass establishment in the alleys was poor with plant productivity inversely related to leucaena productivity. Although this study has confirmed the persistence and productive potential of leucaena, the challenges around tropical grass establishment and persistence as well as the weed potential of leucaena in this region need to be addressed before broad-scale use could be recommended in Northern Inland NSW.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.17138/tgft(7)120-126


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