Seasonal influence on mineral concentration of forages on flooded pastures in South Sumatra, Indonesia

Asep Indra Munawar Ali, Sofia Sandi, Riswandi Riswandi, Muhakka Muhakka


This study was conducted to evaluate macro- and micro-mineral concentrations in forages growing on seasonally flooded native pastures in non-tidal swamps of South Sumatra, Indonesia and grazed by buffalo. The upper part of native forage plants from 5 species of Poaceae, 4 species of Leguminosae, 3 species of Cyperaceae and 1 species of Onagraceae were sampled by hand-plucking during flooded and dry seasons. The results showed that mineral concentrations of forages varied greatly between seasons. In general concentrations of most minerals were adequate to supply the dietary needs of grazing ruminants in both wet and dry seasons. Phosphorus (P) concentrations were low in all species in both wet and dry seasons but growing animals should select a diet adequate in P, while lactating females could benefit from P supplementation. In cut-and-carry situations, animals would probably respond to additional P in the diet. These hypotheses need testing in the field.

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